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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long after auto body repairs should I wait to wash my vehicle?

You can hand wash your vehicle right away, after it has received auto body repairs, but you should wait at least 60 days before going through a commercial car wash or hand waxing your vehicle.

If I have already purchased parts for a repair, will Mayfield Collision use the parts that I have chosen and already have?

Generally speaking, no. Because we specialize in accident repairs and not restoration services, only in rare circumstances do our customers provide their own parts. In those rare instances, we do not provide any warranty on the parts provided by a customer.

What are your hours?

  1. We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. additionally we offer 24 hour “key drop” service.
  2. For estimates and/or questions, we recommend calling us first. If and when an estimate is needed, we encourage you to arrange a convenient appointment time with us so we may be better prepared to discuss your auto body repair needs with you, while minimizing the time you have to spend in our office.
  3. Please remember it’s always your choice who fixes your vehicle. We strive to make the entire auto body repair process as hassle-free as possible, and can work with any insurance company to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. All of our work is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Do I need 3 Estimates?

No, that never was the law and it’s not the law today. With the way that vehicles are designed and engineered, it’s next to impossible to give an accurate auto body repair estimate without disassembling the vehicle. Most customer-oriented insurance companies realize this fact, and no longer ask you waste your time by getting multiple estimates. Remember, nobody not your dealership, insurance company, or any other auto body shop – can give you an exact price. Be very cautious of anyone who claims they can do so.


To browse the State of Ohio’s Automobile Insurance law’s, click here

For more information regarding Ohio Consumer Law, click here



Can I choose who fixes my car?

Absolutely! Under Ohio consumer law, it’s always your choice who fixes your car. An insurance company, car dealer, leasing company, or responsible party may make suggestions for accident repairs, but it’s important to remember that the choice is always up to you.

What questions should I ask before hiring an auto body shop to fix my car?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the facility clean and organized?
  2. Are the technicians trained properly to repair today’s high tech vehicles?
  3. Do they employ people that are professional looking and listen to your concerns?
  4. How do they keep you updated during the repair process?
  5. Do they demonstrate that they take care of their customers?
  6. Does the shop have the right equipment to restore your vehicle after an accident? (professional paint booth, computerized frame measuring and repair equipment)
  7. How do they ensure proper color match?
  8. Does their warranty cover both parts and workmanship issues?

When you visit MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS, you’ll find that our offices are clean and comfortable and designed with our customers in mind. In addition in taking pride in the appearance of our businesses, a clean environment also increases the quality of repairs by removing the possibility of dirt and other contaminants in the paint process. Our technicians are ASE Certified and I-CAR trained, and are factory certified by Acura, Volvo, and Honda. Our auto body repair facilities carry the latest equipment to repair today’s high-tech vehicles including computerized frame measuring systems and state-of-the-art paint booths that ensure we have expert color match – the first time, every time. Our customer care team takes pride in DRIVING HOME EXCELLENCE every day by providing honest, personable, and hassle-free service for our customers.

Is a Dealership Body Shop a better option to fix my car?

No. Most dealerships don’t have their own auto body shop, and many that do are often subletting the management of the shop to a third party.

Creating extraordinary customer care experiences has been part of Mayfield Collision Centers’ culture since we opened our doors in 1989. We are proud to receive customer referrals from many new car dealerships in the Cleveland area who share our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Do you offer a warranty on auto body repairs?

Liftime Warranty Revised No Hassle PhotoWe proudly warranty all of our repairs in writing. Simply put, we’ll fix whatever you say is wrong with the auto body repairs we performed on your vehicle FREE for as long as you own your car.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The easiest and most convenient way to pay for your portion of the auto body repairs to your vehicle is with a major credit card. We welcome Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Of course, cash and checks are always welcome.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

When getting your own car repaired on a loss under your own policy, it is the insurance company’s policy that you pay your deductible directly to the repair shop. This can be done either when you are picking up your vehicle or when you drop off your vehicle for repairs.

If you’ve damaged someone else’s car, you are not responsible to pay a deductible until you repair the damage on your own vehicle.

If you are a claimant, and another insurance company has taken responsibility for the damage on your car, you are not responsible to pay your deductible.

Is there any way you can cover my deductible for me?

No, that would be considered insurance fraud by the state of Ohio. Be very wary of any auto body shop offering to cover your deductible. Either the shop is willing to commit insurance fraud, or will save the money by performing a lesser quality repair to your vehicle – and not necessarily advising you that’s what they did.

Are your shops more expensive than other auto body shops in your market?

No. MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS are comparably priced with other shops in our marketplace, and will work directly with your insurance carrier to negotiate a fair settlement for the cost of your repairs. If you’re paying out of pocket, you’ll find MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS is competitively priced providing an honest and fair assessment of auto body work necessary to restore your vehicle.

What if I need a rental car?

If you’ve been in a accident and you’re filing a claim on your own policy to cover the costs of repair, ask your insurance agent or claim representative if you have rental car coverage on your policy. Rental car coverage is a “rider” that you have to purchase in advance of experiencing a loss on your auto, and it usually will cover a specified amount per day to provide alternative transportation when your car is in the shop.

If you’re accident is being paid for under someone else’s policy – as a claimant, then they insurance company that is paying for the loss will provide you with alternative transportation.

For your convenience, we make all the rental arrangements for you to minimize time and inconvenience when you’re dropping off your car for repairs. You can also leave your rental vehicle right at our shop when your repairs have been completed. Our South Euclid office has a national rental company on site, and our Bedford Heights location has two leading national rental companies located within a 2.5 mile radius of our facility.

If there isn’t any rental car coverage available to provide you with alternative transportation while your car is in our shop, there are still a number of things we can help to assist you. We’re also happy to give you a ride to work, or pick you up to minimize your inconvenience when your car is in our shop. Talk about your situation with any of our Customer Service Managers, and they’ll help you find a solution that works best for you!

Can I get a ride home or to work when I drop off my car?

Yes, we are happy to provide this service to you. We want each customer’s visit to be a positive experience and will work diligently towards that goal. We also offer complimentary pickup and delivery in our local vicinity.

How long will auto body repairs to my vehicle take to complete?

We realize that having your vehicle repaired is an inconvenience, and at MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS, we do a number of things to make the auto body repair process as hassle-free and easy as possible. From having a rental vehicle waiting for you when you drop off your car for repairs, to having a team of dedicated professionals that will do everything conceivable to fix your vehicle in the quickest time possible, MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS provides a fast and efficient repair process that is above industry leading cycle times. Your Customer Service Manager will communicate your specific target date with you shortly after you drop off your vehicle, and keep you informed of the status throughout the repair process. You can also check the status of your vehicle and view photos of the repair process online

How can I be kept informed during the repair process?

MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS is proud to offer a complimentary service to our customers, enabling them to see photos of their vehicle throughout the repair process. Receive updates when and how you want them – on the web, your mobile device, in an e-mail, text message, and by phone. You can also share repair photos with your family and friends. Online vehicle status updates is part of our commitment to provide a hassle-free repair experience for our customers.